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With the FORGE 2021 Blue Sky Conference, The Sky Really Is the Limit

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I had a chance to recently talk with Procurement Foundry’s Claire Barnes regarding the November 18th FORGE 2021 Blue Sky conference. I was almost immediately impressed with her enthusiasm for both the live venue and the topics the speakers will cover.

According to Claire, 2021, Blue Sky will deliver a “big picture” strategic look at what is coming down the road and how it will impact procurement. As a result, those attending will gain meaningful insights that will ultimately transform how they approach dealing with the emerging challenges and complexity of procurement and global supply chains in a post-pandemic world.

Some of the key topics that will be discussed in both main stage and breakout sessions include the impact of disruptive technologies, ESG & sustainability influence, and championing supplier diversity within the enterprise. And that is just for starters.


LIVE From FORGE 2021 Blue Sky

Perhaps one of the biggest differences and advantages of the FORGE 2021 Blue Sky conference is it is a highly interactive LIVE event. None of the sessions have been pre-recorded, which means it is not just a sit on your hand’s spectator watching a recorded video experience. In short, when you attend FORGE, you are a part of the sessions as you will be able to interact and engage with other pros in real-time.

As for the sessions themselves, there are 25 different ones from which to choose. However, and knowing that you can’t be in multiple places at one time, Claire recommends that to fully capitalize on the energy and insights of the live events, teams from the same organizations should attend so that they can cover as much ground as possible. Of course, all sessions will be recorded and made available as a resource for 30-days following the conference.


The Speakers

What really makes this live event deliver is the list of speakers, which by the way, reads like the proverbial “Who’s Who” of the procurement and supply chain world. 

Notable experts such as Kearney Partner and Digital Futurist Dr. Elouise Epstein and Co-founder and Chief Scientist at ProtectedBy.AI Dr JT Kostman promise a full day of energized insights that will both inform and empower.


The Ultimate Benefit

Ultimately one of the greatest benefits of the conference, besides providing you with the practical building blocks that you can use to transform your procurement practice, are the connections you will make.

To facilitate greater interaction between fellow attendees and speakers, FORGE 2021 Blue Sky provides you with an option to request one-to-one breakout rooms as well as provide access to the Speaker’s private Groups on LinkedIn on either the day of the conference or on a post-event basis.

Attendees will also have access to virtual rooms to interact with other attendees. Again, this is the benefit of it being a live event as opposed to a pre-recorded event.

Add in the chance to win great prizes through Peloton and Bitcoin giveaways, and you can see why the Sky’s the limit for learning, interacting, and coming away with a memorable experience.

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