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5 Reasons Companies Need Corporate Travel Management 

As the U.S. continues reopening and businesses move back into offices, corporate travel is on employees’ minds again. According to the  U.S. Travel Association, business travelers believe that, on average, they would lose 42% of customers without in-person meetings. And according to 64% of the respondents, “seeing customers” is the purpose of attending conferences and conventions.  

Research by Deloitte shows companies are projecting increased travel spending, reaching between 65%–80% of 2019 travel spend by Q4 2022. But do businesses have first-rate corporate travel software and a travel management company to get the job done?‍ 


What is corporate travel management? 

Corporate travel management is when a company allows its employees (corporate travelers) to: 

  • book flights, hotels, and rental cars 
  • track expenses during their travels 
  • ensure compliance with budgets, company policies, and other requirements 

Corporate travel management software is a digital solution that incorporates: 

  • booking systems 
  • expense visibility and reporting  
  • health and safety checks 
  • travel policy compliance 

This ensures that the trip will be a smooth, effective, safe, and budget-friendly experience for corporate travelers and travel budget owners. 

Whether your employees are new to corporate travel, jet-setting regulars — or both — here are the top 5 reasons to update your corporate travel software with solutions from a reliable corporate travel management company.  


1. Fast and easy booking for corporate travelers 

Corporate travel software can solve many problems by optimizing the entire travel experience. However, this won’t matter if the software isn’t accessible, quick, and convenient for corporate travelers to use, starting with booking. 

Google’s ITA search engine is embedded in the Etta platform from Deem. It offers corporate travelers more airfare options, dynamic sorting, and quick response times. Users can easily view available seats, compare fare tiers and flight costs on one screen, and get pre-approval on their itineraries.  

Travelers making routine trips won’t have to bother contacting their corporate travel management company. Instead, they can use Deem’s Book Again feature to effortlessly duplicate a frequent trip. There’s no need to input every detail. After booking a trip with Etta, travelers will wonder how they survived without mobile corporate travel software.  


2. Personalized corporate travel experiences 

The best corporate travel software gives travelers a VIP experience. When business travelers need to make accommodations, they’ll get a smooth user experience with Etta. It’s easy to personalize Etta with travelers’ flight seat preferences and meal choices. They can also add frequent flyer and hotel loyalty information and customize notifications, so assistants, co-workers, and family members stay informed. 

Even better? Corporate travel software like Etta can alert travelers to risks or concerns about the neighborhood they’ll be visiting. With the award-winning Travel SafetyCheck, travelers will get up-to-date details that matter to them.  

These include: 

  • hotel neighborhood scores for the evening 
  • women’s safety  
  • LGBTQ+ community safety  
  • basic freedoms, and more 

3. Support for corporate travelers  

Deem understands control matters to travelers before, during, and after their trip. Etta allows corporate travelers to book, change, or cancel trips from anywhere when they’re connected to the internet — all while on iOS, and soon, Android devices. If travelers need assistance, the HelpMe feature in Etta guides travelers through tasks in the software, helping them quickly move forward. 

It’s easy to interact with reservations for flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. Etta can also sync automatically with corporate travelers’ calendars, so they can review details in the apps and browsers they use most. 


4. Improved safety  

Researching the ever-changing COVID-19 status and related travel policies can be time-consuming. And it often takes longer than anticipated to get the data on safety protocols for different airlines and car rental services. Neighborhood theft and safety after dark reports also take time. To make the process seamless, Etta has Travel SafetyCheck. 

Corporate travel software helps corporate travelers feel safer in less time. With health and safety information built into the booking flow for Etta, all the expertise of a corporate travel management company is at the corporate traveler’s fingertips. 


5. Better adoption, compliance, and savings

When corporate travelers book outside of approved policy, they can overdraw the corporate budget. But when they adopt a corporate travel software solution with set policies built into every step, adherence is a non-issue. Travel managers can easily apply comprehensive travel policies for different groups of corporate travelers within Etta. 

The right corporate travel software makes the corporate traveling experience effortless. Corporate travelers have the freedom to book the flights, hotels, and ground transportation they want — and companies get the tools they need. Everyone benefits from a solid corporate travel management system and the right software platform. 

For more than 15 years, Deem has pioneered corporate travel management software. The corporate traveler’s experience is the heart of our business. We understand that better travel for your people is better for your business.  

We understand traveler needs before developing our corporate travel software, and we’re constantly innovating our products to meet changing circumstances. Our global engineering team is continually advancing our technologies so corporate travelers get the best experience possible and companies get all the benefits of corporate travel management — without breaking the budget. 

Are you ready to learn about our innovative corporate travel software? Schedule a demo today

Author: Shannon Garcia, Vice President, Strategic Sales at Deem, Inc 

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