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Understand 'Friction-less' when Integrating Tax and Procurement Technology

The irony of so-called “friction-less” procurement transactions is that creating a convenient, user-friendly customer experience requires difficult...

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Tax-Procurement Automation: Key Partners to Engage with to make your Procurement Transformation a Success

Integrating tax technology with procurement platforms calls for close collaboration between multiple strategic stakeholders, both internal and...

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Assessing Procurement Talent – What’s the Best Way?

Anyone familiar with the Foundry already knows that we are continuously engaged in lively discussions within our online community. One such recent...

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3 Procurement Problems Every CPO Is Worried About

Are you a procurement practitioner looking to improve your processes? You are not alone. Procurement directors and CPOs, in particular, are...

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Quick Tips to Improve Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier relationship management—also known as SRM—is a common topic inside of the Foundry. While SRM was an essential element of operations before...

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Procurement Software Books – A Review of Software: The Silent Killer of Your Company’s Budget

Procurement Foundry is always looking to stay on top of what is trending in our industry. One way we do this is by reading everything...

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