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Terzo Debuts New Website as They Bolster AI Product Offering

LOS ANGELES, CA – Terzo, the leading contract intelligence software provider, is thrilled to announce the launch of its redesigned website, terzo.ai. Terzo has been focused on solving the contract management data problem for years, and over the last year, built a cutting-edge AI-powered product while refining their product messaging and positioning. 

We are excited to unveil our newly redesigned website, which is a true reflection of Terzo's commitment to providing our customers data that is accessible and actionable

Justin Hiatt, Terzo's CGO

Embracing their position as an "Enterprise AI" company, Terzo is excited to offer a comprehensive and robust contract intelligence platform that's designed to support any business. The new website showcases Terzo's innovative AI capabilities and provides a seamless user experience that underscores their commitment to excellence.

About Terzo

Terzo turns contract management into contract intelligence with AI-powered technology. Our turnkey solution unlocks important financial insights hidden in your contracts, invoices, purchase orders, and other important financial documents. 

Traditional contract solutions are mostly glorified storage repositories that were only designed with legal teams in mind. Terzo was built on the foundation of contract intelligence — providing business and legal teams the necessary data to improve productivity, reduce spend, and manage risk and governance across their entire vendor ecosystem.

Terzo has global operations across the United States, Canada, and India.

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