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Terzo Is Proud to Partner with Procurement Foundry

We are beyond excited to announce our new partnership with Procurement Foundry.

Procurement Foundry is a private community where procurement and supply chain management professionals come to gather, learn, share, and grow.

Through this partnership, Terzo is poised to reach the next level through contributing to one of the largest data repositories in the world for Indirect Sourcing & Supply Chain Management. We also look forward to engaging with the organization in discussions and events to both share and learn invaluable industry knowledge.

Last but not least, we couldn’t be happier to join Procurement Foundry’s elite community of indirect sourcing and supply chain professionals. The Contract Intelligence expertise and procurement insights Terzo brings to this world-class group make this a truly ideal partnership.

“We are building the collaboration hub of the future for our industry. There has never been a place where practitioners can come together, network, discuss, and engage at this scale.”
—Mike Cadieux, Founder of Procurement Foundry

We’ll have more updates regarding our new venture with Procurement Foundry in the months ahead. Stay tuned!

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