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Your Official Invitation to the Next FORGE Procurement Conference

Your Official Invitation to the Next FORGE Procurement Conference

Most skilled procurement practitioners know you need to pursue improvement to keep pace with the ever-evolving industry. The best way to improve is, of course, by empowering yourself with education.

The same is true for procurement leaders seeking resources to offer their teams: empowering your troops with education should be a top priority because results are sure to come when you do. At Procurement Foundry, we realize how vital continuing education is in our industry, which is why we created our revolutionary FORGE conferences.

Read on to learn more about our in-person procurement conferences, virtual procurement conferences, and other exciting procurement events coming up under our FORGE banner.


What Are FORGE Procurement Conferences?

Procurement Foundry first launched FORGE events in 2021 with a mission: to disrupt how sourcing and supply chain professionals collaborate and learn. We knew there had to be a better way to engage, elevate, and inspire procurement professionals. Out of this mindset came our idea for offering tailor-made original events—all of which directly reflect the current (and ever-changing) community demand and need.

Presenting the most topical and pressing issues of the day through fun and engaging formats, FORGE events (both virtual and in-person conferences) offer unmatched insights on all things impacting procurement: risk, resilience, digitalization, talent, and much more.

FORGE Procurement Events and Community Issues

Each FORGE event is planned based on feedback from the Procurement Foundry community, which consists of a private membership of global procurement and supply chain professionals. We also conduct in-depth market research. As a result, every event focuses on the newest and most relevant issues in real-time.

We have a direct window into—and deep understanding of—the core focus areas, pain points, spend areas, business, and personal growth goals of our members (and the professional procurement landscape as a whole).

Thanks to the unique and powerful insights gained through this process, we can cater our FORGE conferences to perfectly match our audience’s current needs as they evolve. You’re in control and determine what topics are covered at the FORGE conferences we host next. It’s about helping practitioners succeed as they navigate the current procurement climate.


Adding Value to Procurement and Supply Chain

Now that you know more about FORGE, including our process for determining topics, you’re likely wondering what events are up next and how they’ll bring you value. For example, Dollars & Sense is a recurring digital event focused on improving procurement processes and bottom-line brass tacks, such as cost savings, KPIs, etc.

In the series there are also these FORGE events (among others that change each year):

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: where we will discuss DE&I issues, and ESG (where we sort through sustainability issues)
  • FORGE Engage: an in-person conference covering all the hottest issues in procurement, like supply chain disruptions, hedging against inflation, and software and technology
  • FORGE Sustainability – think all things for a more sustainable supply chain

As our primary mission is to add value, we can think of no better way to do this than to offer these events centered around what the community tells us is crucial. We also use the networking characteristic of our community and these events to bring even more transforming power onboard.

Like the saying, “iron sharpens iron,” these FORGE conferences and events drive the development and upskilling of sourcing professionals through the collaboration of our members. The result is shared knowledge and the exchange of innovated, timely, exciting, thought- and action-provoking ideas.


Why Procurement Conferences Are More Important Than Ever


Improving and empowering ourselves through continuing education, so we can stay at the top of procurement and learn how to best navigate whatever comes next is always a good idea but doing so now through these regular FORGE events is more important than ever. Why? Because we need the most relevant information for our current needs.

Just look at what has transpired within the last two years—the Suez Canal, COVID-19, microchip shortages, lumber shortages, baby formula shortages, the war in Ukraine— my drive-thru was even out of potatoes last night. The list goes on.

These were no minor shakeups, and because we were tuned in to how procurement professionals’ needs shifted with each of those shakeups, we could pivot our events to cater to what was most crucial at the right time. For example, when we launched our series of online 2021 conferences it was during COVID-19. We focused on delivering live virtual events on the most topical subject matter facing senior sourcing professionals during this unprecedented pandemic.

Don’t miss out on the numerous advantages of attending conferences, virtual or in-person. Join us at the next FORGE event.

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