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Why Fine Tune is replacing the word ‘savings’ with ‘spend reduction’

I graduated from college and embarked on my career thinking I knew what the wordsavingsmeant. Mine was the common-sense definition that “John and Jane Q. Public” use every day: Economizing. Spending less money. Keeping more money because you’re...

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Sustainability vs. Sustainable: Is your energy management strategy truly efficient?

At its core, the word “sustainability” is defined simply as the ability to continue at a certain level—no explicit consideration for whether...

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Focal Point for Procurement in Pharmaceutical Companies

When you think of the global supply chain, what comes to mind? Perhaps a massive green vessel wedged in the Suez Canal, or shipping containers piled...

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Managing Tail Spend: Strategies for Effective Cost Control

What is tail spend? Tail spend in procurement describes infrequent, low-value purchases that can add up significantly over time. These small...

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Today’s Economic Uncertainty and the Impact on Procurement Teams

Over the past few years, we have seen the ongoing effects from COVID-19, as well as rising costs, branch out into every area of our lives. The World...

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Understand 'Friction-less' when Integrating Tax and Procurement Technology

The irony of so-called “friction-less” procurement transactions is that creating a convenient, user-friendly customer experience requires difficult...

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Tax-Procurement Automation: Key Partners to Engage with to make your Procurement Transformation a Success

Integrating tax technology with procurement platforms calls for close collaboration between multiple strategic stakeholders, both internal and...

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